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Luke De Sadeleer, M.Ed.


Vitamin C for Couples
Creative Bound Resources presents

Survivor's Guide For The Working Couple
We Don't Survive In Isolation
Don't Let the Little Irritants Pile Up
Fights About Money
Advice for couples with young children
Seek help before it's too late
Can our marriage survive an affair.

Ontario Association of Psychotherapists
Creative Bound Publishing

Our objective...

To create healthy relationships that will withstand any challenge, and to encourage partners to experience powerful bonding events that will lead to greater intimacy and joy.

Caring: Do you long for more closeness and affection?
Change: Do you wish for a relationship where you accept each other for who you are?
Communication: Do you want your partner to listen to and understand you?
Connection: Do you desire a more secure and loving partnership?
Conflict: Do you want to learn how to handle your disagreements and resolve the hurt?
Creativity: Do you miss the romance and playfulness?
Commitment: Do you want to meet your goals and fulfil your promises?


Practising the Seven "C"s.





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