Vitamin C for Couples:
Seven "C"s for a Healthy Relationship
Luke De Sadeleer


"A long-overdue prescription for engaging the heart.
A must-read for all couples who want to enrich their relationship."

David Irvine, author of Simple Living in a Complex World

What People Are Saying

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Caring: Do you long for more closeness and affection?
Change: Do you wish for a relationship where you accept each other for who you are?
Communication: Do you want your partner to listen to and understand you?
Connection: Do you desire a more secure and loving partnership?
Conflict: Do you want to learn how to handle your disagreements and resolve the hurt?
Creativity: Do you miss the romance and playfulness?
Commitment: Do you want to meet your goals and fulfill your promises?
Vitamin C for Couples provides a prescription to create a healthier relationship that will withstand any challenge - from major upsets to the common "bugs" of everyday life. Just as Vitamin C bolsters our immune system, a regular dose of the seven "C"s will bring you closer to your partner and keep your loving relationship strong and secure.

Luke De Sadeleer, M.Ed., is a professional speaker and consultant who specializes in helping couples recover the passion in their relationships. He draws on 30 years of experience in private practice and over 25 years of marriage with his loving partner, Susan. Luke has written a weekly column for major newspapers and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

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